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Monday, December 28, 2015

Rite Aid Haul Day One Dec 2015

This week. Rite Aid is having a huge deal that I can't pass up.  The Tide is one sale and you get back Plenti Points which I love because you can use them on your next purchase.

Here's the breakdown of the Rite Aid Revlon eye shadow haul:

I purchased 10 Revlon eye shadows at $3.29.  I used 10 of the $3 coupons.  The total was $2.90 plus the tax which made the final cost $5.57, but I received $10 back in Plenti Points!

The Plenti Points hit my account his morning.  I am going to purchase the Tide, use $17 in Plenti Points and $2 coupons on each bottle.  In the end, I will receive $20 in Plenti Points for tomorrow's purchase.  My out of pocket cost for all the bottles of Tide should be less than $5.  If you aren't shopping at Rite Aid and using their loyalty program, you are missing out on a lot of free household supplies! 

I hope to be able to make it to Rite Aid today.  The next haul will probably be up on the site tomorrow. 

Happy shopping!

Kmart Haul Double Coupons Day One

Yesterday was the first day of the double coupon event at Kmart.  I went to take advantage of the latest surprise points they sent me.  What I love about Kmart is that they keep track of what you purchase and send you surprise points that you can use to get more at a later date.  I buy all my bottled water there.  I can honestly say I haven't paid for bottled water in months!  I receive email from them with surprise points for my water on a weekly basis.  I combine those surprise points with shop your way points and coupons that print at the register to get free water bottles!

The transaction on the left was pretty easy, but my Kmart has a high turnover rate and the cashiers aren't probably trained (neither are the supervisors).  My husband discourages from going there because of the hassle.  However, I save so much money on Tide Pods, toilet paper, water bottle and other supplies that I return there frequently.

Here's the breakdown:
The Tide Pods (16 ct) are $5.99.  Kmart gave me surprise points for each: one was for $3.50 off and the other was for $2.  I also used a $2 coupon on each which doubled to $4 off each. Making both of them and giving me $1.52 in overage.

The Pantene is on clearance (Everlasting Ends and Aqualight)  for $2.50 each.  I used a $4 off 2 coupon. That made them .50 each.

The Revlon eye shadow was $2.99 each.  I used a $3 coupon on each which gave me .05 in overage.

I had some change in shopyourway points that came off automatically for a final total of $1.92!

Before I entered the store, I loaded a coupon Kmart sent me that would give me $10 in shopyourway points once I used my points and spent over $15.

I gained $10 in points which I will use in today's transaction!

This is going to be an awesome shopping week at Kmart.  Use the P&G coupons to stock up on all the essentials for 2016.  I'll be back to post today's haul.  Be sure to add me as your personal shopper, so you can get some awesome coupons! 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Get Your FitBit Flex for $21.97!

Here is a picture of the 4 FitBit Flex products my son and I picked up this week from Target.  This was a price match from the gamestop app.  Many of my friends and family are interested in getting these, so I am going to give a step by step tutorial.  For those of you that are seasoned couponers, please bear with me.  ;)

Take the following steps to get your FitBit:

1.  The first thing you need to do is download the gamestop app to your phone or tablet.  (This price does not come up on the site.)

2.  Do a search for the FitBit Flex Black.  Click on the link and it will bring you to the image you see on your right.  Take a screenshot in case you lose the signal in the store.

3.  Go to the electronics dept at your local Target, Best Buy or Staples and tell  the associate you would like to price match the FitBit Flex from the gamestop app.  They will ask to see your phone.  Chances are you will need to close the app and show them how you opened the app, searched the product and show them the price.  Some associates are tech savvy, but some are not.  You also have the occasional doubting Thomas and can't believe there is such a huge price difference.  Don't try to explain any of this.  You don't need to.  They have to price match the product.  You may want to print the price match policy from the website because some employees are not aware of them.  I shop on a daily basis in the same stores and still come across employees and managers that don't know their own stores policy.

4.  To save an additional 5% off your purchase at Target, you can use your red card.  Signing up is easy.  It took me minutes at the register to complete the easy steps.

By the way, the usually only price match the exact product in the image.  We were expecting to purchase 4 black ones.  They only had 2 and the associate gave us the other 2 colors.  Do not expect them to bend the rules.  Your associate or manager may allow a different color or deny you.  It is solely up to their discretion.  Remember, a smile and pleasant attitude can go a long way. ;)

If you decide to price match at Staples or Best Buy, don't forget to use your loyalty cards to maximize your savings!

Happy Shopping!