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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How to Get FREE Video Games

Do you have video games sitting on a shelf collecting dust? Are there any games you would like to own, but don't have the money? Trading them in at your local video game store may not sound that attractive, when you consider the credit they give you and the profit they make! I have good news for gamers and parents of young gamers! There is a site called BegBorrow, which makes it easier for you to get new titles from other gamers in exchange for games you own. The whole process is free for you. How is this possible? BegBorrow is a unique online trading post exclusively for video games!

How does BegBorrow help you get free video games?
Register with BegBorrow, it's FREE. As a user, you create lists of games you want and lists of games you're willing to trade away. They match users together to make a trade and create a list of the titles you wish to trade. To make the whole process even easier you can prioritize your Wish List, along with your inventory. The site uses a rating system of A to Z.

Hope you enjoy trading games at BegBorrow!

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