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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shopping Made Easier With ShopWiki

Many parents are starting to do the dreaded "back to school" shopping. This year, I started early and decided to do some shopping online. For a mom of me, it makes sense. Going to the mall means I spend close to $40.00 extra, just feeding them. But, I digress. I wanted to share a shopping tool that is very handy for moms.

How Do You Use
Shopwiki is a site that acts just like Google's search engine, except it's reults are for merchandise. For example, you want to buy a pair of sneakers that is no longer carried by the major retailers like Footlooker, FinishLine and Modells. What can you do? You can search for the exact brand of sneakers on Shopwiki and it should give you a store or two that carry that product.

When Would You Need a Service Like Shopwiki?
Let's say you're watching a movie and see a character wear an accessory (like a hat) that you just have to have. (You know, because it matches that blouse with the intricate pattern that is so difficult to coordinate.) You can use shopwiki to find it! Of course, there's always that shirt, pants or stuffed animla your child is fixated with. I don't want to remember the stuff I went through when the kids were young. OCD, ODD and ADD are not a good combination of letters to live with.

I love when people create sites like this, that make my life a little easier...

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