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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Study Habits

Contribution by Saul Martin

When I study, I don’t study the traditional way. I don’t go to the library or a coffee shop and pour over material in silence. I have found that I do better studying while I’m sitting on top of my made-up bed, with my book, and watching direct Star TV ( having it muted of course). My husband thinks my study habits are ridiculous. He is someone who has to study in silence with no distractions. He always teases me and said I should “ go to college in my pajamas”. He got the ideas from the on-line schools have advertise a young girls doing her school work in her pajamas. As unconventional as my study environment is, I find that it is the only way that I can keep my attention on work and do a good job. I have really tried to study the traditional way and have had difficulty staying focused on what I am doing. I find myself chatting with other people and aimlessly surfing Facebook. If my way of studying is working, why should I change?

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