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Thursday, December 11, 2014

How to Roll Kmart Coupons

In my last post I wrote about the Kmart and Sears loyalty program called shopyourway and how I use it to score free stuff.  This time I decided to share my Kmart haul to give you step by step instruction.

The picture on the left consists of two separate transactions from Kmart.  I made this purchase last week.  The reason why I started here is to explain where I got the Kmart coupons I used on this week's transactions.  So last week, Kmart was doubling up to 5 coupons (per day) valued at $2.00 with a minimum purchase of $25.  I bought a 4 bags of Tide Pods (16 ct) and a 30 pack of Charmin toilet paper.  The total cost was $30.99.  The reason I purchased these particular products was because P&G was offering customers a $10. Kmart coupon when you made a $30 purchase in specific products.  Remember, you had to spend at least $25 to have your coupons doubled.

Here's the exact breakdown:
4 $2.00 manufacturer's coupons for the Tide Pods = $8.00 x 2 = $16.00
1  $.35 Charmin internet printable coupon (find some below) or use Swagbucks = $ .70
Used $7.70 in Shopyourway points

Paid $7.66 out of pocket (oop) and received a $10.00 Kmart coupon for my next purchase.

Today I went to Kmart and purchased 4 Quilted Northern 8 pks of toilet paper and 4 boxes of Ziploc bags 90 ct.  When you purchase $15 worth of those products, you get a $5 coupon for your next purchase.

Here's the breakdown:
2  $1.00/2  manufacturer's coupon for the Ziploc
2  $1.00/2  manufacturer's coupon on QNorthern
2  $10.00 Kmart coupons

In order to use both Kmart coupons, I had to break them up into two separate transactions.

I paid $7.53 oop and received a $5.00 Kmart coupon for my next purchase. 

I decided to use my 2 $5.00 coupons today.  So I had two transactions with the following coupons:

2  $5.00 Kmart coupons
2  $2.00 manufacturer's coupons for Axe gift sets

Each Axe gift set cost $9.99.  I paid $3.29 for each, after all my coupons!

I also picked up the free headphones I ordered yesterday!

I'm very happy with my purchases.  The two sales above are still going on, so go get your discounted products asap!

Stay tuned.  My Target and Rite Aid hauls will follow this post soon!

Feel free to ask questions.  I'll do my best to answer them.  ;)

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