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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cheap Bounty Paper Towels

Just wanted to explain how I stock up on Bounty paper towels and toothpaste for small change.  The picture on the left shows 4 transactions I did this past Saturday at The Dollar Tree.  Each transaction consisted of one roll of Bounty Basic paper towels and 3 Crest toothpastes.  (The supervisor at my location asked me to do these transactions separately because the register freezes when they try to redeem more than one at a time).  Anyway, I separated the transactions and the coupons.  The Bounty coupon was for 50 cents off and the Crest coupon was $3/3.  They were both found in the Oct P&G.  I paid 35 cents oop (out of pocket) for each transaction.  I scored 4 rolls of Bounty and 12 boxes of Crest!

Now you have all the details.  Now go stock up on your Crest and Bounty.  Happy shopping!

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