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Friday, October 23, 2015

Free Wet n' Wild Nail Polish!

I'm so happy that wet n wild decided to give customers more coupons for their products.  My daughter's birthday is coming up in November.   I'm making swag bags for all her friends full of all the cosmetics I can stockpile using my coupons! 

If you were lucky enough to live in a region where the coupon was released, you will find two coupons.  One is for .50 off any wet n wild cosmetic and the other is for $1 off the mascara.

ShopRite sells the wet n wild nail polish for .99!  The coupon doubles, so you get it for free.  Kmart has the wet n wild cosmetics 40% off.  The nail polish costs .59 without the coupon, .09 with the coupon!

Whether you have a coupon or not, Kmart is the place to go stock up.  They have a large variety of colors too!

The coupon expires on 10/31, so go get your free nail polish before the stores run out.  ;)  Happy shopping!

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