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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kmart Haul Oct. 11-17 2015

If you don't shop at Kmart, you are missing out on a lot of free stuff that can help you save money on your grocery budget!  Kmart has an awesome loyalty program called shopyourway.  Their program is similar to the CVS loyalty program except you have a longer period of time in which to redeem your points.

As a member of shopyourway, you receive special discounts on products in the store.  For example, there are several detergents that carry a special price for shopyourway members.  They also offer promos that will award you with a certain amount of points (that convert into dollar amounts) when you make a qualifying purchase.  For example, they may offer $3 in syw points when you purchase $10 in Dove hair products.  These points can be used on your next purchase.  They also send out email with customized deals that will get you some awesome savings!  The picture above shows the purchase I made on Tuesday.  Kmart sent me an email that said I would receive:
$4 in points towards the purchase of a 16 count Tide pods in one scent (on sale 2/$10)
$3 off the purchase of 16 count Tide pods in a different scent
$1.50 off the purchase of a 24 pack of Smart Sense water bottles (priced $2.99)
$2 off  the purchase of a Glade candle (on sale $2.74)

I paid $1.60 for everything in the picture!  How?  I used a coupon for $2.50 off the purchase of 2 Tide pods and a .75 coupon for the Glade candle on top of the surprise points they gave me.  I've done this so many times, I haven't paid for water bottles in over a month!  The more you take advantage of the surprise points they send you, the more surprise points you get.  I love that!

Want added savings?  Add me as your shop your way personal shopper!  As your shopper, the syw site allows me to send you additional coupons you can use online or at the store.  I am a frequent Kmart shopper, so I know about their advertised sales and clearance items.  You better believe they have me hooked with their monthly double coupon events!  I use these promo events to stock up on shampoo, deodorants, pet food and toilet paper!  Best of all, you can save your points to make big purchases.  I used a lot of my syw points to buy summer patio furniture, home decor and more!  Don't miss out on free money.

Sign up with shopyourway and start saving money today!  Happy shopping.  ;)

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