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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bloggertizer: FREE Marketplace for Bloggers is a marketplace for bloggers and advertisers. What does that mean? If you enjoy blogging, you can make some money doing it. All you have to do is submit your blog to Bloggertizer. It will be listed in their directory. When an advertiser wants sponsored content or a link on your blog, they will contact you through the site. That's right, you can get paid to blog!

What makes Bloggertizer unique from other sponsored blogging sites?
Bloggertizer is a directory of blogs that accept offers for links, banner exchanges and/or sponsored blogging. They do not keep any of your money or process payments. Whatever payment the advertiser offers you to promote their product is 100% yours. There are no fees involved to be listed either. Everything involving Bloggertizer is FREE.

Why should a blogger submit their blog to Bloggertizer?
Bloggertizer supplies a marketplace for advertisers. Being listed in their directory is just one more way of being "found" by advertisers. Does this system work? Yes. I listed 2 of my 28 sites and was contacted by an advertiser. The advertising was purchased and paid promptly. It was a smooth transaction.

How can a blogger with a pr 3 blog make $5.00 with Bloggertizer?
If you have one or more blogs with a pr 3, you can make a quick $5.00 (processed through paypal).
1. Submit your blog to the Bloggertizer directory.
2. Write a review about Bloggertizer (a minmum of 150 words).
2. Provide two links to Bloggertizer within your review.
3. Make sure all no follow tags are removed.
4. Use proper grammar and spelling.
5. After completing the review, email with the URL.
6, The post will be reviewed. Once it is accepted, payment will be processed by paypal.

You can write a review on as many pr 3 blogs as you own, as long as each entry is different.

Good luck with this new opportunity!

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Anonymous said...

I joined Bloggertizer a couple of months ago and I'm yet to understand how it works.

Windyridge said...

5 bucks for 150 words isn't very good. Payu2blog pays $5 for 60 words and you can work the links in any way you want. Really there are better sites out there. Especially if you are a PR 3 you shouldn't get less than $10 for 150 words!

Rusty Jordan said...

Hey thanks for the idea. I am getting started with all this and am loving learning it all.

Anonymous said...

I'm with windyridge.... $5 for 150 words doesn't seem like they are keeping up with the market...then again...It seems better than doing a post for free.
I'll look into it more and try to make a more informed decision. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

can any one help me earning through my blog. i have pr3. my blog is
please mail me at
thank you