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Thursday, June 12, 2008

How to Get FREE Info on Structured Settlements

If you are feeling the crunch of these difficult economic times and are receiving payments from a settlement, do your research before you make a decision to change your payout method. Where can you find free information on a Structured Settlements? There is one site that advertises on TV that offers free information as well as a free quote called Stone Street Capital.

How can you contact Stone Street Capital?
They have a website with lots of information on the different aspects of a Structured Settlement?. If you visit their site (just click on the hyperlink), you can get a free quote. Their site is user friendly, for those that have limited computer skills. For those of you that prefer to deal with a human being, you can call their toll free number 1-800-LUMP-SUM. (Pretty catchy, huh?) If you have complicated questions, you may want to call the number to speak to a representative.

How can Stone Street Capital help you determine the best route for your structured settlement?
Their staff is comprised of professionals that will give you your options. You decided what makes better sense for your individual lifestyle. Your personal factors help determine which decision makes the most financial sense.

How long has Stone Street Capital been in business?
They have been in the specialthy finance industry for 20 years. Best of all, they are accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

As always, I encourage you to research any company before you engage in business. Just want to add, the seal of the BBB on their site is a big plus for them.

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