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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Free on Demand is My New Addiction

The Author of this post is Darius Boone
I have a new obsession and it is free on demand shows on When I first heard about free on demand. I didn't think much of it other then a novelty. One day I had miss and episode of "Bones", so I thought I'd check out free on demand and see if i could watch it. Not only could I watch it but it has almost the entire season of episodes.
I am not a huge fan of many shows though there are a couple shows I have always wanted to check out, but they aired the same time as shows I already watch. Free on demand gave me the ability to watch these shows any time. This is what fueled my addiction as I kept checking out different shows and finding more and more I liked and ending up spending the whole day watching every episode available.
Free on Demand is the best thing going for TV and glad it is out there for us people who don't have a way to record shows. I hope to see more and more networks have there shows available this way, as it lets them reach an audience that may have not watched the show otherwise.

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