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Friday, August 12, 2011

Top 10 Sites for College Economics Study Materials

If you are a teacher within economics then you know that the materials that you use are of the utmost importance. Even if you are just an economics student that wants to study at your best, these materials can really come in handy.

1.  Economagic: This has just about every reference material that you could ever need. It also has links to the information that you really need and therefore it’s a great way to get in touch with the materials and the information that you could really use in your studies. No matter what your knowledge is within economics, this site can help dramatically.
2.  OECD:  This is where much of the economic information that is out there derives from and therefore it’s a great site to keep tuned into. If you are looking for study materials or just ways of making your study patterns a bit easier, then this is the site for you. Though you can find this to be helpful for research purposes, you may just keep tuned in for your own use beyond college.
3.  Sparknotes-Economics:  This is where you get the study guides that you can really use. This site and these publications used to be looked down on but they have recently been welcomed as a helpful way of getting students prepared for their exams and their futures. The top economic study guides are here along with other materials that can really help in terms of preparation.
4.  Pink Monkey: They have been accepted as one of the best study guide sites out there and that is across the board. Though they aren’t specific to economics, the study guides that they put out there are of great help. They know what it takes to properly prepare a student for their college courses in economics and they pride themselves on that.
5.  BEA:  The Bureau of Economic Analysis is where so much of the economic information out there derives from. This can be helpful in pulling up vital information, researching key factors, and finding the reference materials that you need to be successful.
6.  The Economist: Since this is touted as one of the very best economic sites out there, this is a great one to keep tuned into for your study purposes. You can learn something for classes, get prepared as a student, and even learn about trends that shape our economy so that you are prepared in the future.
7.  Econweb: This is written by students for students and so the information is refreshing and easy to digest. If you are having trouble concentrating in your economics course or feel as though you just don’t get it, then this site can help to properly break it down for you. This is a great way to get prepared for class or to gain knowledge in an area that you need a bit of help within.
8.  Economics Internet Library: This will take you firsthand to the information that you really need. This is a great way of tuning into the latest books and reference materials that are pertinent to college students and those trying to learn all about the subject matter. You will never feel unprepared again as this ties into everything that you could ever care about within the economy.
9.  GMU-Economics: Though nearly every major university has a site like this, some are better than others. Here George Mason University shares their economic materials and some interesting tidbits. If you want to check this out for reference or use this as a springboard for finding the best materials out there for getting prepared, then it has done its job.
10.  Exam Race-Economics: This is a great site if you want to round that corner and really get tuned into the best econ study materials out there. They have taken some of the best materials in the country and posted them for economics students everywhere to utilize. This is helpful and will allow you to get prepared for that big exam or presentation.

No matter what your knowledge of economics, you can always learn more. These sites offer study guides, reference materials, and some of best ways to get prepared for your college economics classes.

MJ Frederick is quite interested in economics as well as informing students about which accredited schools offer a masters economics program online.

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