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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Parents Getting Older

Contribution by Saul Martin

I recently came to the realization that my parents are getting older. They have been empty nesters for several years and the longer they live alone, the more laid-back and forgetful they have become. They never shut their garage door when they are home. I have told them several times that anyone could come in without them hearing, but they don’t seem concerned. They never lock their front door. They claim that their neighborhood is safe and that they leave the door unlocked just in case one of their kids comes by and happens to have forgotten their house key. They even left the front door unlocked for an entire weekend when they were on vacation so their neighbor could come feed their cat. I cannot convince them that this is unsafe, so for Christmas this year, my husband and I are getting my parents a security system that we found on They may feel safe now, but this system will force them to keep their doors locked. I just hope they will remember to turn it on.

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