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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3gb Communtiy Can Bring Free Links, Free Exposure and Free Traffic!

Today I joined 3gb Communitites which is a social networking site. It's fairly new, so that gives you a few advantages. Becoming a member in the early stages of any site can really give you up the upper hand. As your name and avatar become more familiar on other's profiles, you can create huge networks. What can do with these networks? You can increase: your brand, your traffic and your income.

Why should you join 3gb community
1. As I stated above, it is a fairly new site. This means, you have the opportunity to network with many individuals. As they network with others, your profile will be seen by more and more members.
2. 3gb Communities have groups that can help you extend your reach. You can join groups for members that are: bloggers, social media fans and more. Don't see any groups for your interests? Start your own!
3. 3gb integrates facebook into your profile. You will be able to increase your network on your facebook network, as you increase your 3gb network.
4. You can add your website's URL to your profile. This is a great feature. Other networks that offer this feature have increased my website's hits. Be sure to add your site's URL!

Social networking is a great way to meet bloggers and entrepreneurs that share your interests. Take every chance you get to join them. You never know who you'll meet and may even collaborate with in the future....

Be sure to join and add me to your network. My username is: supermom0f7 !


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